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Real Self Defense for Real Women

Pretty Deadly Self Defense is a self-trust building, self-empowering program that helps you stay confident, safe and aware when you’re out making the most of your life – whether in your day-to-day, you’re traveling the world, or you’re starting life somewhere new.  Weekly classes & monthly workshops in Berlin. LGBTQ friendly.

  • I definitely thought the course was useful and well done!
    ~Betteke N., Berlin

  • I have a clearer idea of how we should think about self-defense and training natural movement to our advantage.
    ~Anne S., Berlin

  • I learned a lot, thank you very much!
    ~Krys H., Chicago

  • HURRA!! You made me very happy! I’ve been looking for this kind of class for a long time! 
    ~Natalia W., Berlin

  • I had a great time and found it both fun and challenging. I really liked some of the insights, about how on daily life we are already defending ourselves and how we can mindfully apply that to a dangerous situation.
    ~Niina L., Paris

  • [I liked] that it was really adapted for every body, not regarding the level of sport or skill that we could have (especially when it’s “none” hehe).
    ~Emilie M., Berlin

  • I enjoyed your teaching techniques. You were super helpful, you insisted that everyone understood what was being done, what was necessary, what the moves were. 
    ~Kerstin R., Berlin

  • I enjoyed our conversations and I also enjoy the classes being light and funny when it came down to it. We could be spontaneous and I could definitely feel that I could be myself with no inhibitions. 
    ~Yael A., Berlin

  • The atmosphere was very warm and empowering.
    ~Nancy S., Chicago

  • [I really liked] the shift of perspective you created.
    ~Melisa N., Berlin

  • I want to thank you. I really feel the difference in my safety-feeling. I’m also happy I’ve met ladies who shared my worldviews 🙂
    ~Christine F., Paris

  • Totally worth it!

    ~Jessica O., Paris


   As featured in Brigitte Woman, October 2016

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