Rocio C.

Rocío joined Pretty Deadly as an intern, and chances are she’s answered your questions and signed you up!  Hailing from Argentina, Rocío comes to Berlin by way of India – talk about culture shock!  An expert in navigating foreign terrain, she blends her love of world culture and new societies into cooking up exotic new dishes for friends, jamming to Jamiroquai, and discovering new traditions. Is it any surprise her favorite movie is Lost in Translation?  When not acting as our in-office hero, Rocío has been working on her Masters in Political Economy of European Integration, with a focus on gender studies. She’s so good, she’s left her office work behind and is now in charge of Development and Community Outreach for our Refugee Integration Program.  For more information, you can email Rocío at outreach@prettydeadly.org.

Favorite PD move: The Cape