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Based on natural body movement, simple techniques and real-life situations, Pretty Deadly uses humour (instead of fear) to activate your own power. Designed for women by a woman, Berlin Ladies is self defense for all ages & fitness levels anyone can learn to kick ass! Self defense for ladies, taught by a lady… you can be deadly and STILL look pretty!

The Pretty Deadly program’s mission is to empower women, not through teaching them
how to take down a 6foot man (although we do that too!), but by finding the power they already have inside themselves. Power UP! uses every day examples and teaches women to recognize where they already practice self defense in their day to day lives.

It’s about recognizing movements you already make in your daily life, and reapplying them in a self defense context.

You know how Crossfit restricts class size to only 15 people, so your group training can be managed by a qualified coach who can give personal attention to each participant? Pretty Deadly does too! Max class size is 12 participants, to guarantee one-on-one training in a group setting.