Courses & Fees

Courses & Fees

Pretty Deadly courses are held in our beautiful training space in Moabit, located at Stromstrasse 38 Berlin 10551 DE

Each Pretty Deadly Course consists of 5 classes meeting 1x per week for two hours each, for a total of 10 hours of training over five weeks, or a total of 30 hours to complete all three levels.

Level I :  Foundation course is a foundation self defense class, teaching basic moves and focusing on awareness, balance, and natural movement.  Techniques are designed for the most common forms of attack against women, and highlights building confidence, stopping a violation already begun, and escape. Forms include basic strikes, blocks and take-downs.

Level II :  Tailored for the dangers of daily life in public environments: on the subway, on the street, in the nightclub. Techniques are applied as one-to-one defense, focusing on awareness, prevention and application.  Must complete Level I to register.

Level III : Level III brings self defense to intimate settings: in the home, on a date, and date rape.  This level also hones strategy and danger assessment. Techniques are applied as intimate defense and incorporate common tools.  The focus is on heightened awareness and utility.  Must complete Level II to register.

Practical Self Defense Workshop : Monthly 4-hour intensive workshops that deconstruct real-life scenarios and aggressions, from first awareness prevention all the way to point of contact, teaching you simple but effective defense techniques. We focus on awareness, prevention, and strategy, and we work with every body type and ability to help keep you feeling strong, confident and safe.  All ages (ages 14-17 with parent permission)

*Practical Self Defense workshops are held at our partner location, Ladyline Loft in Moabit


Pretty Deadly Girls : Pretty Deadly Girls is based on the same principles as our adult courses: make space and get away. Using the basics of natural body movement, intuition and strategy along with easy, but effective techniques taught in a fun, energetic environment, Pretty Deadly Girls is presented in a format where girls learn best. Through simple exercises and even a dance routine (!), girls learn the basics of self defense and, through self defense, self empowerment.  For more information about these courses, please contact us at 

Pretty Deadly At Work is an outreach and team-building program through self-defense, providing women’s-only or mixed-gender courses in the workplace. We offer weekly classes, half-day seminars and full-day workshops at our location or yours. For more information about our courses at work, please contact us at 

Integration & Confidence for Refugees & Volunteers :  The needs and concerns of women & girls in Berlin’s refugee communities, as well as the volunteers who work with them, encompass cultural, religious and integration questions.  We volunteer through Give Something Back to Berlin and Hangar 1 to provide groundwork for refugee women and girls to deal with the specific obstacles and concerns they face, while remaining sensitive to culture, dress and theologies.  For more information about our courses for refugees, please contact us at 

Next Level I course starts             10 July 2017
Summer Travel course starts   04 July 2017

Next Practical Self Defense Workshop is on    24 June 2017

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