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What We Do

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Traditional self defense courses are fear-based.


Traditional self defense courses tend to focus on women’s weaknesses and vulnerabilities.  They’re deadly serious — always with the best intentions, but it really makes taking a self defense course something you’re not exactly eager to get to after a long day at work.  Who wants to go through emotional and physical hell after 6pm? 

But most traditional self defense courses are taught by men, who literally cannot comprehend the daily challenges and threats to safety that women experience — everything from being told to smile by complete strangers at random times of the day, to knowing when to ignore, face or run from a stuff shouted at you on the street.  As women, we are already well aware of our weaknesses and vulnerabilities, we need to focus on what we physically have in our favor… and we have a lot!


Through simple, natural exercises that you already do, Pretty Deadly brings out the power you already have as a woman and teaches you how to use it, without losing your femininity or humour!  You can be deadly and still be pretty!

Pretty Deadly is for women of every age, every body type, every skill level.  Based on real-life situations,  realistic settings, and in the clothes women actually wear, this 5-class course begins with the basics of natural body movement, intuition and strategy, builds to simple exercises and effective techniques, and tops off with a final “exam” to test your techniques so you know they actually work!  Instructor Susie Kahlich uses humour, her 16 years of martial arts training, and personal experience as a violent crime survivor to teach you awareness and action to keep you safe on the streets and at home.


Violent crime and the need for self defense are serious subjects.


While most people acknowledge the importance of self defense, they also instinctively know that a self defense class is likely to trigger their deepest fears: the techniques don’t really work or, worst of all, you will discover that you are the type of person to freeze or go limp, and not defend yourself at all.

The Pretty Deadly program’s mission is to empower, not through teaching participants how to take down a 6foot man (although we do that too!), but by finding the power they already have inside themselves. Pretty Deadly uses every day examples and teaches individuals to recognize where they already practice self defense in their day to day lives.


At Pretty Deadly, we strongly believe in your natural ability.

Some people like to get lost in really big classes — it’s a great way to hide from the instructor, especially when you feel clumsy and aren’t sure you can do all the moves (we’re looking at you, Step Aerobics!). But self defense isn’t about getting lost — it’s about finding yourself, your own capabilities, bringing your power into the open and never having to hide who you are.

We believe that we learn just as easily whether we’re laughing or crying, so why make self defense scary? If it’s fun, you’ll come, you’ll learn, and you’ll stick with it.

Pretty Deadly provides self defense training that addresses the specific fears and doubts faced by all those who identify as women.  We also offer courses designed for the specific threats faced within the LGBTQ community.  

We believe that everyone has a right to exist and occupy their own personal space, and everyone has a right to agency over their own body.

Each Level Course is a 5-week course with a clear beginning, middle and ending that builds intuition, awareness and confidence, ending with a chance to test one-on-one skills learned.