Pretty Deadly Self Defense is
a self-empowering, self-trust building, self defense program
that gives you the tools you need to go out and make the most of your life,
whether you’re traveling the world, in your day-to-day,
or you’re starting life somewhere new.


The Coronavirus pandemic has us on lockdown! Even though we can’t train person to person right now, we still believe self defense is part of self care.

Learn the basics of self defense in live online courses led by our trainers. Starting 23 March, our trainers will show you how to take moves you already do every day, and turn them into efficient, effective self defense moves. Plus, exercises for balance, interactive discussion, and games designed especially to build confidence, awareness and self-trust.

Connect from anywhere in the world and join us for a week of self defense at your own pace, in your own space.

Requirements: Internet connection, laptop or tablet, Zoom teleconference software (free). Courses in English, German, Spanish and Turkish, and for kids. Click the Sign Up! button and join us! 
👊Pretty Deadly 1:1
Every registration sponsors an adult who is experiencing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So if you can afford it, why not pay it forward? Because the true power of being Pretty Deadly is having the strength to lift others up too.

Community Action
A portion of the proceeds from our livestream classes will be donated to domestic violence centers, as incidents of domestic violence are predicted to severely intensify during forced homestays. Your registration helps us support some of the most vulnerable –and most invisible–victims of this pandemic.



Pretty Deadly Self Defense Program offers three levels of five-week courses:

  • Level 1: Self Defense Basics
  • Level 2: Self Defense for Social Situations
  • Level 3: Self Defense for Intimate Situations

Our program focuses on how your body actually reacts in self defense situations (we know, because we’ve been there!).

Building on the muscle memory you already have, we tweak common, everyday movements you’re already familiar with, and re-apply them to self defense situations: from verbal harassment to physical aggression to date rape, all in a fun (yes, fun!), safe environment: no yelling, no competition, just kicking ass and having fun.



Our core program: self defense made easy, accessible and fun!



Self Defense for Solo Travel, Ally Workhops and themed workshops for special events.



Monthly workshops for girls, for boys, and our in-schools program.



Make self defense part of your employee wellness program! 



Our series of workshops showcasing the skills and talents of our Pretty Deadly grads, offering a platform and support where our grads can share a hobby, teach a skill, or test-flight a new venture. 

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    Sparks: Self Defense for Kids
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    At Work
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    Pretty Deadly Presents
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All of our female-identifying trainers are survivors themselves, and come from a wide range of backgrounds: burlesque performers, journalists, permaculture designers, engineers. Each trainer lets her own life experience guide her in helping ensure each class is a safe, dynamic place to explore and grow.

Pretty Deadly Self Defense was created by Susie Kahlich, a 20-year martial arts practitioner and violent crime survivor. Based on the art of Ninjutsu, Pretty Deadly Self Defense was designed as an organic approach to self defense that is actually relevant to women’s daily lives.



  • 14446233_1520148738010996_4865880035581438904_n

    Super Workshop in Selbstverteidigung. Freundlich, lustig, professionell, ein Kick fürs Selbstbewusstsein und stärkend / aufbauend – yay! 

    Mia M., Berlin
  • 23905431_10155747845512570_797205681056057263_n

    I liked that it was adapted for every body, regardless of the level of skill or sport that we have.

    Emilie M., Berlin
  • 20229213_10155108989682561_37521809471949489_n

    Pretty Deadly offered me a warm, soulful, smart perspective on staying safe.

    Liliana V., Berlin
  • 17554236_10158576019325226_670504309353510836_n

    I enjoyed the classes being light and funny when it came down to it. We could be spontaneous, and I definitely felt I could be myself with no inhibitions.

    Yael A., Berlin