What We Do

Pretty Deadly Self Defense is for women of every age, every body type, every skill level. Based on real-life situations, realistic settings, and in the clothes women actually wear, we are focused on the basics of natural body movement, intuition and strategy, building simple exercises and effective techniques that anyone can do.

At Pretty Deadly, we strongly believe in your natural ability. Self defense isn’t just about fighting back – it’s about knowing your boundaries, trusting yourself, your own capabilities, bringing your power into the open and never having to hide who you are.

Pretty Deadly provides self defense training that addresses the specific fears and doubts faced by all those who identify as women.

The Pretty Deadly Program has three Levels. Levels are designed around specific scenarios, rather than complexity of techniques learned. Don’t think of them as Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced; think of them as General, Social, Intimate.
Each level is five weeks of self defense, for a total of 15 weeks.  Classes are 1x per week, and include a combination of learning techniques and unique exercises designed to enhance awareness, intuition and self trust. 
Every level wraps up with a test of your skills, so your body has a chance to practice responding in a safe environment, and you can be sure you can rely on what you learned. At the end of Level 3 only, you can test your skills out on a (trusted by us) man. 
Each class begins with a review of the previous one, so that if anyone has to miss a class due to work, travel or illness, everyone always has a chance to catch up.
In every class, we build on the techniques learned from the class before, so by the end of every Level, you have a full set of tools to help keep you feeling safe, confident and aware. 
And every class ends with the Pretty Deadly Dance
Not everyone wants to take 15 weeks of self defense, and not everyone can take 15 weeks consecutively. That’s totally ok!  You can just take Level 1 and still leave the course with a full set of self defense tools and confidence-building exercises.  You can also take a break after Level 1, and register for Level 2 and/or Level 3 whenever it’s convenient for you.

The Pretty Deadly Program’s mission is to empower, not through teaching you how to take down a 6-foot man (although we do that too!), but by helping you discover the power you already have inside yourself and showing you how to use it.



We believe that everyone has a right to exist and occupy
their own personal space.

Everyone has a right to agency over their own body.




Pretty Deadly Self Defense
has been helping all who identify as women grow stronger together since 2009. In March 2016, we opened our first Berlin classes, and have been working with Give Something Back to Berlin since September 2016, and Berlin’s Landes Jugendring e.V. since 2019. We offer self defense classes focused on conflict management, de-escalation and integration to Berlin’s refugee communities and the volunteers who work with them.  For more information or to schedule a workshop, please contact outreach@prettydeadly.org.