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Pretty Deadly is a self-empowering, self-trust building, self defense program that gives you the tools you need to go out and make the most of your life – whether it’s traveling the world, in your day-to-day, or you’re starting life somewhere new.

Weekly classes & monthly workshops in Berlin and Paris. LGBTQ welcome.

We help you find tools within yourself to handle anxiety, stress and fear by building confidence and self-trust, showing you how to adapt to anything, and be ready for everything! Click to register!
THE BASICS: Perfect for beginners, we cover everything from how to make a fist to learning to trust your intuition along with easy-to-learn and effective techniques. Click to learn more!
WELCOME BACK! You’ve completed Level 1 and now you’re ready to Level Up to practical techniques for everyday scenarios: on the street, in the subway, out on the town. Click for more details!
ADVANCED BAD-ASS! You’re ready for the most kick-ass level of all: learning how to use everyday objects for defense, strategic thinking and techniques for intimate situations. Click to register!
Refresh your skillz, exchange tips & tricks, and learn something new! Open training to help keep you Pretty Deadly even after you graduate.
Empowerment and conflict management through self defense, providing women’s-only and mixed-gender workshops for your whole team. Click to hire us!
Pretty Deadly Presents is a series of free workshops showcasing and supporting the skills of our amazing members! Everything from handpoke tattoos to calligraphy to basic life skills, come join us to learn something new, have fun, make friends, and kick ass!
Boundary-setting, confidence-building and growing super-powers in our monthly 3-hour workshops for girls! Click to register your supergirl!
Anti-bullying and boundary-setting for boys in our monthly 3-hour workshops. Click to sign up your son!
OPEN TO ALL GENDERS! 2X per year we offer our unique self defense workshop for solo travelers. Click to reserve your spot now!
Become a certified Pretty Deadly Trainer! Learn the techniques and philosophy behind the whole Pretty Deadly Program, and empower the members of your community. Open to all genders. Click this image to learn more and register for the next training session!
Become a Pretty Deadly Community Coach and host your own App Parties! Click this image to learn more and register for the next training session.
Ninjutsu is a 900-year-old Samurai art that includes tactics and techniques of the Ninja. Learn how to apply principles of this ancient art to your modern life. Click to join — beginners welcome!