Pretty Deadly At Work is a Berlin-based empowerment and conflict management program through self defense, providing women’s-only and mixed-gender courses in the workplace.

Traditional wellness programs tell employees exactly which habits they need to focus on and change (e.g., like quitting smoking or changing their diet).  But health habits are not only about eating well, or exercising, they are also a matter of making the right kinds of decisions when it comes to problem solving, project management, or prioritization.

Pretty Deadly At Work focuses on identifying the tools employees already have, and optimizing them for broader application as part of both physical and mental health. 

Our corporate workshops are powerful team-building experiences that enhance company culture and employee benefits.

No special equipment or clothing needed, all our techniques are designed for real-life situations in the clothes people actually wear.

Make self defense part of your employee wellness package! Send us an email at team@prettydeadly.org.


Our clients include: