Ninjutsu / Ninpo Taijitsu Ninpo Taijitsu is a comprehensive martial arts system that is over 900 years old and consists of various Japanese martial arts in the traditional style, including both the art of Samurai and Ninja.

Ninpo owes its fame to its association with Ninjutsu, the art of Ninja. In reality Ninjutsu is only a small part of Ninpo. The main part of Ninpo’s martial arts are the Samurai arts.

Taijutsu includes punching similar to karate, throws similar to Judo and Aikido, the joint manipulation and leverage of Jujitsu, traditional weapons such as Katana, Bo, Tanto.

Mixed gender martial arts training. Beginners welcome! 

We train weekly at 7 Circles Akademie in Schöneberg. Please send us an email to ninjas@prettydeadly.org if you’d like to join us.