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  • #metoo but #pussygrabsback

  • It’s not about pushing past your comfort zone; it’s about defending your comfort zone

  • Never say you’re sorry!

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We are a growing community of participants who believe that self defense isn’t just about fighting back — it’s about presence, confidence, and trust in our own innate will to be; contrary to popular thinking, it’s about community, and an awareness of possibility. We believe the world is an open place, filled with just as much opportunity as acts of violence. We believe that everyone has a right to exist and occupy their own personal space, and everyone has a right to agency over their own body.

We are artists and writers, musicians, office workers, IT specialists and social media stars, moms, students, doctors, designers, performers and just plain folks. Pretty Deadly is a place to grow and discover, to come together and get strong in the person you already are.

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