Feed Your Soul

Music is a big part of every Pretty Deadly class.  Here are some indie selections to keep you rocking like a badass!

Direction of Travel, by She Makes War

Laura Kidd was told she couldn’t sing, couldn’t play, couldn’t do the one thing she was passionate about doing — make music. So she made war — Laura declared war on all her detractors and has been proving them wrong for four albums and counting.  Our favorite track on this CD is Paper Thin, a great song about self-love.    (100% of proceeds go to artist)

Battle with Bass Remixes, by DJ BPM

The original track Battle With Bass was inspired by Claudia Wenger’s project “The Women Sing at Both Sides of the Zambezi” with vocal samples by Zimbabwean journalist and activist, Soneni Gwizi.  Female Irish Grime DJ BPM (and single mom of two!) instigated this EP, inviting all her best Grime pals to play with Soneni’s vocal prompt “I can do what you can do”.    (100% of proceeds go to artist)

Feed Your Brain

Did Pretty Deadly get you thinking?  Here are some more words of wisdom, advice and brilliant insight from our colleagues around the world! 

Creepology: Self Defense for Your Social Life, by Anna Valdiserri

An excellent, realistic guide to dealing with creeps – the kind you find at work, at school, at the gym, or when you’re out with your friends.  Anna Validserri does an excellent job of identifying them, and provides practical, accessible advice and strategy for dealing with them and keep them away. Highly recommended by Pretty Deadly members – we use this book too!  Kindle or paperback, from €5,66.  (100% of proceeds go to author)

The Gift of Fear, by Gavin de Becker

Introduced to us by our martial arts colleague Edward Hines, we found this book to address a lot of the issues we talk about in Pretty Deadly — specifically, the subtle ways our self defense systems protect us, how self defense doesn’t always look like self defense, and learning to trust to our gut. It’s a great gateway into some deeper thinking and case studies about how fear works, and can work in our favor if we let it.  Kindle or paperback, from €6,55.  (Proceeds go to publisher)

How to Choose a Tai Chi Teacher, by Edward Hines

If you’re interested in continuing your training in martial arts but don’t know where to start, here’s your guide!  The advice in this book applies to any martial art teaching and offers practical, no BS advice about finding the right school, the right teacher, the right path for you.  Kindle or paperback, from €3,68.  (100% of proceeds go to author)


Great minds think alike 😉

I Hit Hard

I Hit Hard is a high-quality platform that demands that women* martial artists be heard, where our stories, experiences and battles are told and shared with dignity, justice and love.  I Hit Hard is born from the collective frustrations of those who are tired of women in martial arts being invisiblised, misrepresented, hyper-sexualised and patronised by the media and fellow male martial artists and fans.

Women Hit Hard, Roll Hard and Fight Hard.

Beautifully Dangerous

Obviously the title of this blog is brilliant 😉 … but so are the posts.  Tammy is a thoughtful writer, delving deep into the how’s and why’s of martial arts, self defense, gender violence, inequality and systems of abuse.  She is a keen observer of humanity and social structures, and a very clear communicator when it comes to shining a spotlight on what works, what doesn’t, and what’s just downright wrong

About Face Podcast

Kate Leismer’s podcast explores the moments in our lives that shape us, bump us off our path and onto the journey of becoming ourselves. Her show focuses on personal growth often coming from abuse, addiction, violence and overcoming our fears, our obstacles, saying goodbye to things that hold us back, or down.  Smart, sensitive, funny and profound. 


Initiatives and projects we support – and you can too! 

Marc Bolan School of Music

Founded by Gloria Jones, partner of Marc Bolan, this school in Makeni, Sierra Leone was created to offer former child soldiers the opportunity to learn life skills beyond the typical NGO offerings.  The school is committed to bringing skill and knowledge to children in a very materially deprived part of the world. Sharing a language of care, hard work and achievement, Gloria and her team have taken care to build slowly, so that those involved in the classes feel closely linked with the growth of the project, and not threatened by an unwanted intrusion into their lives. Creativity is also empowerment, and the Marc Bolan School of Music is dedicated to helping children grow.