Amanda C.

Amanda is our most multi-culti teammember: born in Spain, half French and with Italian roots. With a masters in Cultural Management at Paris’ Panthéon Sorbonne University, she’s a digital nomad passionate about music and design, very curious about architecture and tech and super keen on new media and pop culture, including that peak of pop culture hipness, Twin Peaks. Always up for new challenges, Amanda is the force behind Pretty Deadly’s growth, from project managing to presentations to general kicking ass, she’s not just a teammember but also a graduate (so watch out). When not overseeing all the cool stuff Pretty Deadly does, her favorite place to be is Berlin, closely followed by Disneyland Paris. Special mention to Pizzeria Napoli in Lyon and Waterstones bookstore in Piccadilly, London. You can reach her at team@prettydeadly.org

Favorite PD move: Step Back