Inés S.

If you’ve taken a Pretty Deadly Workshop or Level 2 Course, you’ve probably seen Inés kicking ass, and even got her help in learning how to kick ass yourself!  Inés is one of the first people to complete all three levels of Pretty Deadly, and has helped refine and define the Pretty Deadly programs through her insightful feedback and awesomely analytical mind (she’s works at a particle accelerator!). Born and raised in Germany, she’s a blues harp badass with a preference for lonely Australian beaches where she can see the stars and think about the universe, like in her favorite film Touching the Void.  Look for Inés at the next Pretty Deadly event, and if you’re not sure you can be a bad-ass like her, just ask: she’ll show you how! You can reach her at team@prettydeadly.org.

Favorite PD move:  Airplane