Susie K.

The original Pretty Deadly bad-ass, Susie formed this user-friendly self defense system based on her 19 years of Ninjutsu training, her experience as a violent crime survivor, and as a woman in the world. She has worked with violent crime, sexual aggression and trauma victims on three different continents and in multiple cities around the world. She is a member of American Bugei Federation and the Bujinkan, Yamato Dojo in Los Angeles, trained at Tendo Dojo in Berlin, and helped establish Bosen Chicago Dojo in the US. In addition to her teachers, Chadwick Minge, Alan Friedman and Brian Simmons, she has worked with Philip Dao in Berlin, Edward Hines and Luo Dexiu in Paris, and Jesus Galvan in Chicago.  Read more about her experience and philosophy here.  Contact Susie directly at team@prettydeadly.org.  

She also loves candy, The Cramps, and tries to always remember: The Dude abides

Favorite PD move: Shut Up